Vizsla Rescue Organizations

Vizsla Rescue Organizations

There are many Vizsla rescue organizations doing admirable work throughout the United States and overseas. By connecting current and aspiring pet owners with rescued Vizslas, these groups make Vizsla adoption possible for many homeless, abandoned, abused, ill, or neglected Vizslas. A Vizsla rescue is not a shelter; it's a volunteer-staffed organization that provides foster care until a permanent home can be found for the rescued dog.

Adopting a Vizsla is not something that should be done out of a desire to "save money." Many rescued Vizslas require special medical attention on a temporary or permanent basis. Some have unique training or emotional needs due to past mistreatment. In other words, adopting a Vizsla should be done out of love and a desire to give a welcoming and supportive home to one of these beautiful and intelligent creatures.

Please contact if you would like to have your Vizsla rescue organization listed on our website. If you wish to adopt a Vizsla, or have or know of a Vizsla that would benefit from the assistance of a Vizsla rescue group, we urge you to contact your local Vizsla rescue group or one of the organizations listed below.

Rescue organizations can always benefit from dog food donations.

Vizsla Rescue Organization Listings

Southern California Vizsla Rescue

PO Box 1938
Ramona, CA 92065
Contact Person: Julie King

2nd Chance Vizsla Rescue, Inc.

Fort Collins, CO
Contact Person: Rita Prindle

The Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Rescue

Tampa Bay, FL
Contact Person: Crystal Rothhaar

Gateway Vizsla Club Rescue

809 Cleveland Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63122
email: n/a
Contact Person: Valerie Smith

Vizsla Club of Long Island Rescue

Long Island, NY
Contact Person: Stephanie Fischer

New Hope Vizsla Rescue

3140 Tilghman St
Allentown, PA
Contact Person: Debra Evald

South Louisiana Vizsla Club Rescue

229 Clarence Ct
Longview, TX 75605
email: n/a
Contact Person: Randy Russell

Cane Rosso Rescue

1421 W Main St
Dallas, TX 75006
Contact Person: Cane Rosso