Vizsla About

About is dedicated to providing the best information on the Vizsla dog breed (aka Hungarian Pointers, Hungarian Vizslas, or Magyar Vizslas). My hope is to provide the most comprehensive resource on the vizsla dog breed anywhere on the web. So if you are see something incorrect or missing, let me know and I will get right on it.

Information is not the only focus at My hope is to also create an online community of people who love and respect the Vizsla breed. We welcome you to join us on Facebook and/or Twitter, and to share your experiences as a Vizsla owner or breeder with us through words and images. I have also established a forum on our website where you can ask and answer questions about the breed. At the moment I do not want to list breeders, as the site is to remain a resource free of commercial interests.

By creating an interactive online community of people who love Vizslas, I hope to make it easier for new and experienced Vizsla owners to learn (and teach) more about this beautiful and intelligent dog.