The Hungarian Magyar Vizsla

"Sheila" (3.5 month old puppy) / Photo courtesy of Vacheh Joakim

The Hungarian Magyar Vizsla is an elegant, pointer hunting dog which was, as the name suggests, developed in Hungary. The vizsla breed is highly intelligent, energetic, and majestic in both physique and demeanor, and is at the same time an unrivaled hunting companion.

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The Magyar Vizsla

The Magyar Vizsla breed profile on is the most comprehensive guide available anywhere on the Internet on the Hungarian pointer. Great care has gone into making this guide to be has complete and informative as possible.

The Magyar Vizsla Guide

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You have ended up on because you either love the vizsla breed or are researching your new family member. Either way, a photo gallery of vizslas is top priority on your list of must-haves, and we will not disappoint!

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Vizsla resources and books are tough to come (because it is not as well known as other breeds) but here you will find an ever-growing list of helpful resources, and literature about the Hungarian vizsla dog breed.

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Rescue Organizations

I am committed to helping Vizsla rescue organizations to promote their important work of protecting the Vizsla breed and finding loving homes for those vizslas which find themselves without a home.

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